"Backflip Au-Dessus Du Chaos" - Michel Cloup

November 24, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

"Look, we are alive ... I feel like that's enough to make us beginners" - 1st album of Experience, 2001 ... "To grow old is brutal, to grow old is banal ... Getting old is boring, getting old is ambitious" - Backflip Au-Dessus Du Chaos ( Ici d'Ailleurs , Martingale ), 2022 ... As if what makes the so particular genius of Michel Cloup's music was revealed there in the flows and tensions which preside over these 2 assertions.

And thus, why not try in 2022 to find the beginner who hides behind a Here and Now as incantatory as necessarily illusory ?... In short, this new album throws us 10 propositions as juvenile as weighted, as implacable as philanthropic, where finally the singularity of a musical writing still manages to persuade us that the cards can be reshuffled... To choose, to grow old, to choose... Or not ... In the meantime, let's see, Michel Cloup is still fucking alive! ... Enjoy !