"Morton Valence" - Morton Valence

November 25, 2022

Where, for our second elected of this week, we have a huge pleasure to find one of the favorite duos of Le Village Pop, Anne Gilpin and Robert "Hacker" Jessett, alias Morton Valence ( Black Angel Drifter )

For twenty years, these Londoners, holding an urban country with variable geometry, have been gratifying us with an impeccable songwriting and this new opus, "Morton Valence" ( Cow Pie Ltd , Cargo Records UK , EvansAbove PR ), produced by BJ Cole , shows us there without artifice, alternating ballads all in accuracy and more swaying rhythms where the voices mix with happiness... In these times of bluster, this album shows us again that a true musicality is not measured by the number of tracks to mix ... Simplicity and subtlety are here joined together to take us towards the sides of the road, where the grass is freshest... And we are really well there ! ... Enjoy !

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)