"Of Gods And Men" - Lyndon Morgans

October 29, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

Our second spot of the week concerns a Welsh musician who recorded until now under the name of Songdog and who after a twenty years career drops the mask and presents himself to us under his own name, Lyndon Morgans.

And if the so particular universe of Songdog, literate and romantic until the combustion, is perpetuated in this first solo album, "Of Gods and Men", we discover here an undeniable release in this tormented course, which allows these songs to offer us a rejoicing proximity with them... In front of this saving moult, we take the opportunity to rediscover how much this songwriting is of a power and a rare elegance... Discovered, Lyndon Morgans makes a step in our direction and it's oh so moving... It's then time for us to give him back this step and to enter in the dance... Luxuriant, but somewhat calmed, the dance ... Enjoy !