"Sod's Toastie" - The Cool Greenhouse

November 17, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

New questioning on the eternal subject - what is the difference between irony and cynicism? - with the new album of The Cool Greenhouse "Soad's Toastie" (Melodic , Bigwax Distribution) ... And joy, the answer is not far from being masterly.

And above all musical ... On a background of sharp loops and syncopated rhythms, this music insinuates itself on the crest of our renunciations to better assert the primacy of a horizon as combative as falsely disenchanted... No question here of tasting abandonment, one is entirely on the lookout for the world which collapses, the morgue and the smile with the lips... But behind the sparkling leader Tom Greenhouse hides a real great band, and whoever has seen this gang on stage has glimpsed the power of these proposals in contact with otherness... Of the greatness of a certain English rock which cannot indulge in narcissistic laboratory work and always prefers the journey in intranquillity... Great album ... Enjoy !