"YTI​⅃​A​Ǝ​Я" - Bill Callahan

October 22, 2022

( Automatic translation from a french text )

We no longer present our second companion of the week and yet, for the release of this new album "YTI⅃AƎЯ" ( Drag City Records , Modulor, Marion seury ), it does not seem superfluous to us to highlight the resilience and creative vitality of Bill Callahan throughout these years ...

Whether it is under the entity Smog or under his name, he succeeded in creating a strong musical identity while never letting himself be locked up in it... According to the albums, he tightens or loosens the frame and lets in more or less oxygen, with the strength of those who don't need to put an anchor on their shoulder to stand straight under the changing winds... And this album gives us back a music that never tries to demonstrate, but for which the straight line is never the fastest way to get to oneself... And then of course the Voice, the voice and all that it carries of silence in becoming...

So, thus adorned, the Other is welcome ... A fellow traveler we tell you ... Enjoy !