"Another Life" - Nadine Khouri

November 19, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

The successful alliance of sophistication and simplicity is a performance that few musicians can boast ... Nadine Khouri 's music has always moved gracefully at the heart of this dialectic and this new album "Another Life" ( Talitres ) illustrates it more than ever ...

Not the least free effect in this rendering once again produced by John Parish and yet this album swarms of thousand and one subtleties which will make its listening in the long course more and more addictive... If the general tone of the music of Nadine Khouri is that of a laid-back in chiaroscuro, the sensuality in search of light which constantly irrigates these 9 songs makes it a case with open sky on which can come to be posed without obstacles all the existential questionings, its native Lebanon always in filigree... Between "Here and now" and "Real life is elsewhere", this album builds a bridge of a deep musicality ready to resist all the hazards of time ... Enjoy !