"Into The Woods" - Amy Hopwood

August 04, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

Before a short summer break, let's end our Albums of the Week season by highlighting 2 of the hidden treasures of the British crown.

And we'll start with the Exeter folk-singer, Amy Hopwood , whose new album "Into The Woods" is released today ... After the superb "More Or Less" and "All At Sea", which revealed a songwriting in movement, drawing its essence from a stripped English folk, while freeing itself with grace from a marked out path, she returns today by pushing her approach to its acme... Here, no superfluous notes, but the same vibration between heaven and earth, where Amy's singular voice opens the way to all the recompositions that Mother Nature could envisage... We will follow her again this time with happiness and without ostentation, wondering however if some of these compositions would not shine with a more ample and resistant fire with some judicious instrumental contributions.

Amy Hopwood's road to the future will be long and rich, without the slightest doubt !