"La m​é​lodie, le fleuve & la nuit"- Jérôme Minière

September 01, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

Pop is a balancing act and it's not Rémy Poncet (alias Chevalrex), creator of the label Objet Disque on which comes out here "La Mélodie, Le Fleuve Et La Nuit" (Martingale) who will probably tell us the contrary...

14 news of Jérôme Minière and it's so reassuring to see an artist release a record like this after more than 25 years of career ! Who never dreamed of an album at the same time direct, without pretence and yet of an infinite subtlety, of an album musically very varied and which however releases an impressive monolithic power, of an album where the texts mix with grace the micro and the macro in a gesture of a remarkable freshness and intelligence ? ... If you are, don't look any further, come and taste this little marvel from Quebec where Jérôme Minière has been living for some time...

Jérôme, is the air of the Great North essential to age as well as you do ? ???? ... Enjoy !