"Love The Stranger" - Friendship

July 30, 2022

( Automatic translation from a text written in french )

The 4th album from Philadelphia's Friendship , "Love The Stranger" ( Merge Records , Modulor ) is one of those albums that have the art of hitting delicately the right spot ...

No trendy superficial concessions here, a path that runs smoothly between folk, country and mid-tempo rock, a song in the same gesture that is both concerned and yet slightly distanced, in short an album that knows how to settle between the Lambchop of before auto-tune and the sunniest Will Oldham... And we wonder why we would refuse to listen to these perfect songs in the worried times we live in... No blindness, but no burden either, just a dignified attempt to look at the horizon with both feet firmly planted ...

And one more proof that it is not by running after modernity at all costs that we can touch the essence of the present ... Enjoy !