"Mañana Man" - Mike Gale

May 21, 2022

( Automatic translation from a text written in french )

At @levillagepop , we are definitely the faithful type ...

7-8 years ago, we discovered the enchanting folk-rock of Co-Pilgrim, which continues to be the highlight of our radio programming ... Towards the end of this band adventure, a more pop-oriented turn was emerging and it is therefore without surprise that we discovered the first aerial works of their singer @mikegalemusic in solo ... A few albums later, this english musician pursues his quest for lightness in a style that belongs to him alone, between lo-fi and luxuriance, melody and atmosphere, and his great strength is that he can't choose between all that and that from one album to the other, just by changing the proportions, he often manages, as on this latest album "Manana Man", to make us believe that the Grail of pop hasn't been discovered yet and that it's within reach of his arpeggios...

Another beautiful musician that Le Village Pop will never stop highlighting ... Enjoy ! ????.