"Old Bones, New Fire" - Miraculous Mule

September 10, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

t's time to enthusiastically welcome the return of Miraculous Mule, a British combo in high spirits, with his new album "Old Bones, New Fire" (JukeJoint500)

... Mainly focused on new interpretations of the blues repertoire, the trio of Michael J Sheehy , Ian Burns and Patrick McCarthy have invited singer Alex Petty to join them this time and the gospel dimension of their music is undeniably strengthened ... If the decibel level has dropped a bit compared to the previous albums, especially "Two Tonne Testimony", the new balance has gained in depth and we slip happily into the centre of this alchemy so quick to build bridges between past and present... Here, never any superfluous pose, but the right pulsations of a heart that will never stop...

And it does to our little heart a world of good ! ... Enjoy !