"PRE PLEASURE" - Julia Jacklin

September 02, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

Without doubt not the most recognized among the outstanding Anglo-Saxon female songwriters who appeared these last 10 years, Julia Jacklin is perhaps our favorite and it's not this third album, "Pre Pleasure" ( Transgressive , PIAS) that will make us change our mind...

No demonstrative effects and presumptuous declarations with this Australian but a musicality in the long course, intoxicating of shimmering colors and accuracy... Passing with happiness from a rock song under influence ("I Was Neon") to a love song as delicate as trouble ("Love, Try Not To Let Go"), Julia Jacklin floods this album with a class as discreet as obvious...

We are then ready to follow this voice without conditions, certain that Julia Jacklin will not abuse it and will simply continue to follow her good star... Enjoy !