Slight Variations - Fujiya & Miyagi

October 05, 2022

( Automatic translation from a french text )

Like other musicians supported by The Village Pop, it is certain that one day the history of music will make an important place for Fujiya & Miyagi ...

A new album for the Brighton quartet, "Slight Variations", and a new master stroke ... At the crossroads of electro, rock, repetitive music and pop, they have created a sound that is recognizable among thousands, from which a subtle and powerful songwriting comes to wind up ... Fujiya & Miyagi do not restrict themselves from any effect and yet this music is never loud and demonstrative, but succeeds on the contrary in this constantly renewed miracle of addressing our body as much as our brain in a highly precious and well-balanced setting... And David Best's singing, both distant and deliciously venomous, is just perfect! So it's never too late to tune in and join the aficionados that we are ...

 ... Enjoy !