"The Greathart" - Jonathan Balzano Brookes

July 09, 2022

When talent overflows, soundness is what can transform a lo-fi aubade into a pastoral symphony!

Demonstration here in 11 acts with this "The Greathart" ( Microcultures , Kuroneko ) by Portland musician Jonathan Balzano Brookes Illustration, ex-leader of Phantom Buffalo ... Economy of means as much on the level of the orchestrations as of the recording, and yet never any standstill in this music which draws its roots in a certain English folk, but for which respect does not mean orthodoxy but rather call to continue the travel through time and dreams... And you have to hear the softness of this voice firmly placed on these guitar or piano arpeggios to understand that the inhabited music of a troubadour will always be stronger than an army of algorithms on an evangelising mission...

In a beautiful album to be released soon, Jérome Minière suggests that "Addressing only our market segments reduces the size of our ideas", let's bet that Jonathan Balzano Brookes didn't linger very long on the pre-supposed needs of his contemporaries before delivering these 11 enchanting propositions... We thank him warmly for this... Enjoy !