"The Unraveling" - Geography Of The Moon

March 12, 2022

( Automatic translation from a french text )

As always after an evidence, we do not remember very well how this one occurred...Probably because the most important thing is not there...

They are @geographyofthemoon , Virginia and Andrea, a couple in life and on stage, a life between Glasgow and Phnom Penh, music that flows between them like an irrepressible molten lava, a DIY spirit at the top with their own label @teenfreaksmusic and an attention to the Other that you can feel immediately, in short they are really great and at Le Village Pop, we love them ! ... They have just released a new EP "The Unraveling" and it's just as excellent...The unique talent of Geography of the Moon is to make us discover some still unexplored meadows in the heart of a marked out environment...The result of an alchemy between the swirling asperities of Andrea's guitars and Virginia's clear, spatial and oh so inhabited vocals...

We can't wait to see them playing live...How much does it cost to go to Phnom Penh ? Enjoy!