"This Is A Photograph" - Kevin Morby

May 20, 2022

( Automatic translation from a text written in french)

At @levillagepop , we've been in love with @kevinmorby since his debut (including The Babies)... Where it has been and will always be a question of that right distance in the song, the one that has forged so many fellow travellers on the paths of rock, of that almost miraculous balance between appropriation and indifference, with the heart placed in the right place...

New album of Kevin Morby, "This Is A Photograph" ( @deadoceans , Modulor ), and the same intense pleasure to walk with him on the different reliefs he met or to taste the rest of the braves by sharing some intimate statements of the place ... And as this man is really talented, time passes quickly in his company and we think that it would be wise to let him leave so that he comes back soon with new some delicate or petulant adventures to tell us ... We will be there ... Enjoy !