"Wet Leg" - Wet Leg

April 15, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

In Le Village Pop, we're used to evolving in the "minority" ... But when from time to time a few reconciling UFOs appear, we don't really want to be picky and we happily accompany these few moments of epiphany...

@wetlegband, hype since their first single "Chaise Longue" - a situationist pop manifesto full of energy and mutinous intelligence - is now releasing its first eponymous album ( @Domino records ) and our 2 musicians from the Isle of Wight (Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers) are well on their way, varying their recipes and exploration grounds while respecting their fundamentals, tense rhythms combining the intuitive and the discursive, and subtly perched voices celebrating the union of the Elements in the heart of disappointed loves...

So we go from one vignette to the next with delight, joyfully saluting the talents present and telling ourselves that there is sometimes no better confidence in the future than to celebrate the present ... Enjoy !