"God Save The Animals" - Alex G

September 30, 2022

( Automatic translation from a french text )

A true indie music phenomenon and one of the symbols of DIY in the United States, SANDY Alex G does not yet have the same kind of audience here...

At 29 years old, he already has an extensive discography and this new album "God Save The Animals" ( Domino Recording Company ) should help him increase his fanbase on the old continent... A precocious composer, his great strength, in addition to his talent as a melodist, is to be a man on a quest, which will allow him to survive the hype artistically, no doubt about it... Musically, one could define what Alex G gives us as a folk-rock both aerial and crushed where his singing likes nothing more than to evolve on the peaks, but without forgetting the precipice, never far away... Here, perfection is not sought, the Other is hoped for and it is often overwhelming ...

In contrast to all triumphant models, Alex G's world trembles but nevertheless always guesses the Star that opens the way ... A hope to share ... Enjoy !