"Hysteria" - Indigo Sparke

October 12, 2022

( Automatic translation from a french text )

In the beginning was the Voice ... And at the end, the Silence ...

Between the 2, happy humans that we are, the Australian Indigo Sparke will have shed some sparks that encumbered her adventurous soul and lucky will be those who will see them ... We are in, and "Hysteria" ( Sacred Bones Records , Modulor , Marion Seury ), her second album, places her at some altitude which imposes it to the people of the plain like us... One does not make an album like this one without having visited at length some afflictions and without having touched with the finger the imperceptible breath which can make you pass from the Shade to the Light, and vice versa... Brilliantly helped by Aaron Dessner to give life musically to all that, this album takes breadth with the wire of the listening and clears us somewhat the road...

It leaves you shaken but lighter ... Enjoy !