"Madrid" - Nev Cottee

October 28, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

Among the unconsidered influx of albums, and often good ones, in this month of October, Le Village Pop chooses, among its favorites, to highlight the artists who probably need its modest contribution the most.

And we start this day with the fifth album, "Madrid" (Wonderfulsound), of the Mancunian Nev Cottee ... If it is rather easy to identify the sources of this songwriting, the literate and baroque pop of the sixties, the supreme talent of Nev Cottee is to follow these steps without being ever subjected to them... We discover for this purpose sublime instrumentals, free as the air, symbols of the subtlety of the orchestrations which run all along this "Madrid" and which surreptitiously irradiates all that surrounds us... But of course, the backbone of this art is the deep and enveloping voice of Nev Cottee, which never abuses its seductive power, and which on the contrary knows how to put itself entirely at the service of the music... This faith is overwhelming and makes this album an ideal bedside record for the disturbed times we live in... Enjoy !