"Miss Power" - Connie Constance

November 11, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

In Le Village Pop , no blinkers, and more than ever, let's ignore the chapels ! 

In short, we have been following the young English musician Connie Constance since her beginnings, and we are first of all delighted to see her notoriety growing over the years ... Artistically, like most people of her generation, Connie Constance has listened to all kinds of music, and we have discovered that when it comes to creating, she doesn't really want to choose ... And it is all benefit for us... Rare are the albums today, which at this level of songwriting, can make us travel with happiness in so many different territories... And not the least opportunism in this step, to see there rather a musical greediness not yet satisfied and which takes today marvelously body in this "Miss Power" ( [PIAS] ), so well named... A precious carpet of proposals, on which thrones a voice which is not there to hide, but which for all that never makes too much... Then, in front of this abundance in musicality, some will perhaps get lost there... For our part, we enjoy it !