"Mouth Full of Glass" - Macie Stewart

November 12, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

Change of register with our second favorite of the week ... Here, the mood is more impressionistic ... Here, it's the first album of the musician native of Chicago Macie Stewart , "Mouth Full Of Glass" ( Full Time Hobby , Boogie Drugstore ).

Here, you enter a universe where the rowdy has no place... Here, any construction is lived in the heart of a musicality as discrete as flourishing... Here, we redraw a relationship with the Other according to its most essential breaths... Here, an artist takes with her some musician friends and perpetuates with grace the history of the Revealer... Here, the search for accuracy has given birth to 10 songs of dreamy beauty and multi-sensory radiance ... There, we are given all the space necessary to make ours all or part of this beautiful adventure ... Enjoy !