"Pobre y Puro" - Inoxidables

October 08, 2022

( Automatic translation from a french text )

Where it will be question of pop music ... Of the supremacy of the melody ...

Where it will be question here of a music which draws its energy in a certain rock of the Nineties to bring us to consider a here and now as contrasted as shimmering... Where it will be question of a Spanish group, Inoxidables , which in its new album "Pobre Y Puro", continues to make pop songs as energetic as unstoppable, as England does not manage to make any more... So yes, Inoxidables will probably not revolutionize music - who needs that? - but the sincerity, the freshness, the talent and the touch of melancholy which irrigate this music make it a highly addictive company...

Why resist it ? ... Enjoy ! ????