"Protector" - Aoife Nessa Frances

November 03, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

We start this week with the 2nd album of the Irish AoifeNessaFrances , "Protector" ( Partisan Records , Boogie Drugstore ) and it's a must ...

The genius of this album is to be of an incredible sophistication while it breathes the truth of the moment in every note ... Recorded mostly with 3 people in a small house located on the Irish coast, these 8 songs evolve majestically in the heart of the elements, earth, water and air, without ever feeling the weight of any concept... Led by a deep voice and without artifice, this music knows how to carry us beyond appearances, never leaving us at the quay, even if it means taking us by the hand.

Summit of musicality and delicacy, this album still proves us that the Other is not the enemy of the Seeker... We would have liked to share a few moments with these beautiful musicians during the recording, but it's now time to share the harvest ... And this one is golden ... Enjoy !