Ralegh Long

Ralegh Long is a Singer-Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer whose music conveys an "almost mystical longing" [The Guardian]. Growing up in the English countryside, his music draws on a childhood spent wandering fields and streams and writing endless hours of music. A gift of a 1970's Sony reel-to-reel tape recorder from a neighbour sparked his fascination with recording, and helped shape his independent approach to his music.

His debut album Hoverance (2015) drew comparisons to Nick Drake, and acclaim from Lauren Laverne, Guy Garvey, and The Guardian for its "twilit ambience" and "spooky pastoralism". His second album, "Upwards of Summer" (2017) won the HMUK Emerging Artist Award and support from Elton John.

In 2018 Long released four standalone singles, "Am I Home", "Super Blue Moon" "Where You Are" and "Heaven, Almost", amassing over 4 Million streams to date, and featuring on playlists such as New Music Friday and The Most Beautiful Songs in the World.

"He seems incapable of sitting at a piano and coming up with anything that doesn’t tremble with almost mystical longing ... you’ll be reminded variously of Nilsson, early Todd Rundgren, even Alex Chilton at his most overwrought and wracked." The Guardian

“A great song” Elton John

"Sad, spooky pastoralism of Bill Fay or Nick Drake are touchstones on songs laden with rural imagery and dexterous melody." Mojo 4*s

"Really, really beautiful". Lauren Laverne, BBC6 Music

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Top Tracks

The Lizard 1

The Lizard

Where You Are 2

Where You Are

Super Blue Moon 3

Super Blue Moon

Morning (We Are in the Fields) 4

Morning (We Are in the Fields)

Am I Home 5

Am I Home

Islands 6


January 28th, 2019 7

January 28th, 2019

The Dukes of Stratosphear 8

The Dukes of Stratosphear

Winter 9


Take Your Mind Back - Radio Edit 10

Take Your Mind Back - Radio Edit

Top Albums

Where You Are
Where You Are
Super Blue Moon
Super Blue Moon