The Burning Hell (band)

The Burning Hell is the songwriting project of Mathias Kom, particularly known for their literate?often literary?and humorous lyrics.


The Burning Hell is the songwriting project of Mathias Kom. During the first few years of the band's existence band members fluctuated from tour to tour and album to album and the band's instrumentation was often determined by what instruments Kom's friends played. However, the regular touring and recording lineup from 2011 to 2016 was consistently Kom, Ariel Sharratt (clarinet), Darren Browne (guitar), Nick Ferrio (bass) and Jake Nicoll (drums). Since 2013 Kom and Sharratt have embarked on occasional duo tours and since 2017 the band has toured as a trio with Sharratt on drums/bass clarinet and Browne on bass/bouzouki.

Known for their strong live show and hyper-literate lyrics, The Burning Hell have toured extensively in Europe and Canada and have been featured at many festivals including Glastonbury Festival, End of the Road Festival, Dawson City Music Festival, Calgary Folk Music Festival, Vancouver Folk Music Festival and the Hillside Festival. Kom's songs frequently take the form of fantastic narratives (The Stranger, Barbarians, Nonfiction, Grave Situation Pt. 1). Other subject matter has included the minutiae of the social gladhanding of historical conferences (Berlin Conference, Bretton Woods); failure and amateurism (Give Up, Amateur Rappers, Professional Rappers); and nostalgia and pop music (Nostalgia, Men Without Hats, Grown-Ups).

In 2011, Kom and Sharratt co-founded the Lawnya Vawnya festival in St. John's, Newfoundland, an independent music and arts festival. Kom completed a PhD in ethnomusicology at Memorial University in Newfoundland where he studied the political economy of DIY music.

In 2012 the band played 10 shows between the Netherlands and Slovenia in twenty-four hours. The band claims the unofficial world record for playing the most shows in different countries in 24 hours.

In 2014, the tribute album My Name Is Mathias, featuring Canadian and international musicians performing the band's songs, was released, featuring covers by artists such as John K. Samson, Mike O'Neill (musician), Mike Feuerstack, Dan Mangan, and Susie Asado. Kom donates all proceeds from the sale of this album to the Kingston Humane Society.


Singles and EPs

  • "Grave Situation Part One" (2008) split 7" with Jenny Omnichord
  • "The Burning Hell and Construction & Destruction" (2009) split 7" with Construction & Destruction
  • "Hear Some Evil" (2011) split 7" with Wax Mannequin
  • "Old, New, Borrowed, Blue" (2013) 10" EP
  • "Amateur/Professional Rappers" (2014) 7" single


  • Tick Tock (2006)
  • Happy Birthday (2008)
  • Baby (2009)
  • This Charmed Life (2010)
  • Flux Capacitor (2011)
  • People (2013)
  • Don't Believe the Hyperreal - Duo album by Sharratt & Kom (2015)
  • Public Library (2016)
  • Revival Beach (2017)


  • Duets mit Germans (2011)
  • Saddle Sores (2011)

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  • The Burning Hell official website
  • BB*Island Record label (for Europe)
  • Headless Owl Records Record label (for Canada)
  • weewerk Record label (until 2001)
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