"Centrifics"-Marina Allen

September 24, 2022

(Automatic translation from a text written in french)

Change of atmosphere with the 2nd album of the young Californian Marina Allen "Centrifics" ( Fire Records ) ...

After a first album praised here last year, she follows up with these 10 new songs between heaven and earth where her writing tries to vary the desires ... And happiness, she succeeds without a blow ... Surrounded by musicians as discreet as subtle, she lets her flame go according to the breaths, with the faith of those for whom the word hoarding does not have the least meaning... Here, no complacency, even when this sublime voice decides to walk almost alone in the middle of the elements... Here, we are always connected, and invisible is the thread ...

In short, rare moments around a folk music whose source is decidedly inexhaustible ... And Marina Allen is already a great lady ... Thank you ... Enjoy !